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Translation by Elisabetta D'Errico
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All photos from Flickr's group
"Salento, lu sule, lu mare, lu ientu"
Salento, the sun, the sea, the wind
Lecce, the beautiful city

Santa Croce by Gojca

Anfiteatro by Kato Salento

S. Oronzo Square by Gojca

Statues near the Dome by Verity Cridland

S. Oronzo Square by Luigi Photo

The "Sedile" by Blunight 72

Villa Bray by Miritrilly

S. Matteo Church by Gianfranco Budano

Villa Bray by Rosella Bianco

The Dome by Danielina

Artisan's shop by Glamismac

Olivetani Convent by Marco Skacco

The Dome Square by Gianfranco Budano

Warm and inviting by Boadiceafairy

S. Oronzo Feast by Bizzo_65

Eastern coast, from S. Cataldo to Otranto

San Cataldo by Irmimayr

San Foca by Niachan

Roca by Kato Salento

Torre dell'Orso by Blunight 72

Torre dell'Orso by Redford74

Torre dell'Orso by Lalui

Sant'Andrea by Bizzo_65

Alimini by HiddenPlace00

Baia dei Turchi by Robby152

Otranto, magic and suggestive

Bauxite quarry by Gojca

Sunset by Paolo MÓrgari

A point of view by Danielina

The Castle by Passionata

Tiny streets by HiddenPlace00

By night by Imaffy59

By day by Hydruntum

Cathedral by Ellida

The beach by Fataetoile

Eastern coast, from Porto Badisco to Leuca

Porto Badisco by Zuccsim

S. Cesarea Terme by Colored

Porto Miggiano by Bizzo_65

Castro by Mbafrangisk

Castro by F.32

Andrano by Trqmgd

Tricase by Andrew.photobox

The Ciolo by ArabaFenice85

The Ciolo by night by Umbbattista

S. Maria di Leuca and it's surroundings

The lighthouse by Gojca

Sunset by Theta72

The seaport by Agente_rita

One of the villas by Sysy81

Torre Vado by Jjjohn

Alessano by Mister Barion

Casrignano del Capo by Lavi-Schroeder

Gagliano del Capo by ArabaFenice85

Old times by Kikki72

The western coast, from Leuca to Gallipoli

San Gregorio by Enea78

Torre Vado by Theta72

Pescoluse by Melui

Torre Pali by Straga

Lido Marini by Luca.elle81

Torre San Giovanni by Fullerenium

Torre Suda by Alex Scarcella

Punta della Suina by SandraLe

Baia Verde by Colored

Gallipoli, the Ionian pearl

Il Canneto by Gojca

The "old" beach by SangioPanza2000

The PuritÓ by Massimo Faccioli

The skyscraper by Ruligi

Fisherman by The_butterfly

By night by Mic970

In town by G.L.o

The market by Mike_fj40

Night light by Zuccsim

The western coast, from Gallipoli to Punta Prosciutto

Lido Conchiglie by Ndinone

S. Maria al Bagno by Databhi

Santa Caterina by Vincenzo Sabatini

Porto Selvaggio by Kato Salento

Porto Selvaggio by Fullerenium

Torre S. Isidoro by Stebo

Porto Cesareo by Spedicatog

Porto Cesareo by Davide Paladini

Punta Prosciutto by Bizzo_65

Last but not least, the inland, towns and landscapes

A swamp area by Kato Salento

Nativity scene by Gojca

Pizzica dance by AndreasC

Mediterranean maquis by Alessio Valente

Town scene by Abusx

Historical centre by Fabritio

Typical "pagghiara" by Lizzanonelcuore

Silences by Ellida

Old masseria by Fataetoile

Ready for fishing by HiddenPlace00

Countryside by Piero Maraca

Red soil by Emilype

Soleto by Paolo MÓrgari

Spring by Hydruntum

Secrets by Sisagitta

Old tales by Carmelo 61

Countryside road by Boadiceafairy

Red & yellow by Lebowski65

Poetry by Maurophoto

Life juice by Angelo's

Sunset by Newly Born

Some masterpieces by Gianfranco Budano

Sleep well

Be green

He isn't following the main road

November morning

Well aged


Sleep time


Bud from rock

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